New Caryn {Mesh} Suit and Diva Lip Gloss 20 Shade HUD

05 Jul

Liv Glam brought not one but two delightful treats out on the US 4th of July Holiday! A new suit and a very cool new idea for dispensing the perfect lip color were both released!

An absolutely fantastic pair of silk harem pants nestles tightly around the waist with a band that reflects either a silvery or golden look depending on which suit color you choose, Noir, Navy, Plum, Olive and Rouge. A sexy sweet corset tucks into the pant’s waist and at the neck it dips just low enough to tease the eye but still look sophisticated. Then a structured jacket with bright buttons and a repeat of the gold or silver in the pants completes the look.

Plum, Noir, Navy and Rouge Seen Above (Olive not shown in photo)

This mesh suit makes me think of that first date that you set, maybe for lunch so you don’t get too fancy, don’t get your hopes up too high, but you still want to look your stellar best, just in case this special person is the ONE. Slide into this silky treasure and plan something decadent to do with whoever it is that rocks your world. Lunch, dinner, a movie, who knows… Liv-Glam will be there with you, making you look as beautiful as you want to feel.

Captured from the upper left corner of a Second Life in world screen…

Also, the newest gift on display will unpack to your objects folder. Click Wear and you have a HUD displayed on screen with 20 different lipstick choices. Each time you click the HUD you get a different wearable layer, one of the twenty shades of lipstick. No more hunting in your folders for just the right combination of clothing and lip color! After testing it with several skins, it’s obvious that the designer has a great eye for cosmetics as well as clothing design, so regardless what skin you use, the layers you’ll find dispensed in this HUD will work for you.

Special thanks to Face Paint, Osmose Hair, Sexy Mama Nails, Finesmith Jewelry and N-Core Heels.

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