55L Thursday: Little Minis… Big Style!

09 Aug

Flirtatiously fun! There are two dresses for you at Liv-Glam today that are each 55L and they’re both perfect little summer dresses for you.

The first is the pin tuck dress. You have such a range of movement in this dress. The short skirt and overall shape of the dress suits the throwback to the 70s that still holds its place in the heart of the fashion world. Not only do you get the cute dress, you’re also going to receive jewelry and a pair of shoes that have all been textured to perfectly accent the dress. Vibrant colors will catch the eye, something brilliant and unique!

And the second little dress whispers seduction with its shape and how it so dramatically enhances the female body. An asymmetric line runs both along the bust, looking a bit like a bikini on one side with a different texture than the rest of the dress to make a statement that ‘pops’, and at the lower hem, where material gathers like a wrap around skirt might but it’s a trick of the eye. Although this is just a little mini, a lot is happening that makes this dress special.

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