New, Beautiful, and Secret Wednesday Sale…

21 Aug

This week’s Secret Wednesday items make you breathless with their fashionable lines, refined look and beautiful textures.

A long sleek gown with a mermaid styled skirt swishes sensually as you sashay along the boardwalk sipping sweet spiked tea. Mmmm lavender. The front neckline, delicate and feminine, lays against the chest and barely shows your collarbone, but as you turn, the dip in the back drops delightfully low without being scandalous.

And as elegant as the first dress is, the second embraces the ‘cuteness’ factor to a tee. Shorter than mid thigh, this little dress lays loosely against the upper body, comes towards the skin to hug the curves of your waist and hips, then ruffles out to a short hem. Pack a summer picnic, laze under a weeping willow and listen as the afternoon fades to night. Enjoy!

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