Blue Porchers Pants Suit in Several Colors

09 Sep

There are a few movers and shakers in Second Life in every facet of interest and in the world of fashion, Blue Porchers is a woman who’s put time, effort and energy into Second Life to enhance it and make it a better environment for everyone. From modeling to running the show behind the scenes at fashion shows, Blue does a little bit of everything and when it comes to Liv-Glam, she adds her special spark.

It seemed fitting to show the blue version of this great outfit. There are two styles of pants, one suitable to heels and the other suitable for a great pair of boots. There’s a very sexy corset made of mesh that cinches your waist in to a beautiful hourglass shape, and then there’s the elegant fur jacket. You can wear the jacket over a top or wear it without the top to show a little bit more skin. Besides blue, there is an Olive, Coco, Fuschia, Noir, Plum and Rouge color to choose… something for everyone!



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One response to “Blue Porchers Pants Suit in Several Colors

  1. Blue Porchers

    September 9, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Thank you so much Caryn. This means a lot to me. Also thank you Sam for the outfit. I love all the colors in the fatpack. xoxoxo