Secret Wednesday Plus News About Liv-Glam Events

03 Oct

This morning, two items are on sale for Secret Wednesday and as promised one of those items is for the men of Second Life who want to live glamorously too.

The Dyana Serenity outfit released earlier this week for women and the Men’s Everyday Maverick Jacket for men are each on sale. Bring a friend, bring a mob.

And… While you and all your friends are shopping at Liv-Glam, there are several events in progress that will make you smile. I always say “Free is good” and when you hunt for a variety of items and find the buried treasure, you always feel like you’ve got a win in your pocket.

Check out the All About Autumn and Acorn Hunt at the Old Europe Sim from now through the 15th of October. Liv-Glam has joined with many designers to make this hunt incredible.

As we shared previously, this hunt has asked designers to choose someone meaningful to them, someone who inspired them to be the designer they are today and Samantha chose Amy Winehouse. When you find this item, you’ll get to read a small note regarding why Amy Winehouse was chosen as well as finding a great Liv-Glam outfit. This hunt runs now through November 1.

And third on our current list of hunts – the Runway Perfect Hunt. This hunt is in its third incarnation and has been hugely popular across the grid ever since it’s first inception. You’ll love participating in this event and when you find the item hidden from Liv-Glam, you’ll really appreciate the treat in store for you. This hunt runs now through October 31.

Shop, hunt and above all have fun at Liv-Glam this fall. We’re glad you’re here! Each of you make a difference.





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