Oooh It’s So Good…

17 Oct

Some many years ago, there was a ‘television’ cook that always finished out the local evening news. His catch phrase, right after he tasted his latest creation, “Oooh, it’s so good.” This phrase stands out to me when I get to write about Liv-Glam designs. Everything. Always. And on sale days, like 55L Thursday, the good just gets better.

The Lynn Asymmetric dress does a great job with the quirkiness of asymmetry. The shoulder is bare on the right, but if your eye drops all the way to the hem of this dress, it’s the right side where the length of the skirt is longest. It’s a balance of an equation our eyes can see but maybe only subconsciously. The print looks like grey paint splotches in muted tones of various greys against a black backdrop.

The Sherrie Outfit ranks up there as one of my new favorite outfits in Second Life. The mesh skirt has a high waist and makes the whole body look slim and sexy. The top of the outfit is made of prims and system pieces that are layered so sultrily, skin showing amply yet in a dignified manner. A pair of stockings has been included in this set as well, something unusual so far for Liv-Glam designs, and they’re a well made pair of fishnets. Overall, this dress has an edge that whispers, “I dare you. Come and get me.” Oooh it’s so good.

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