New Releases Plus Sale Prices… It’s All Good at Liv-Glam!

13 Nov

First up this morning, the Liv-Glam Kane Print Dress comes to you with 7 patterns already programmed into your HUD so you get seven new items for the price of one, and the price is at a discount for Tuesday/Wednesday. Get out your animal *rawr* side and grab this dress while it’s hot.

These glamorous Gaga Pumps are also on sale and you won’t believe the number of combinations you receive when you buy these. 80 shades via HUD plus an array of choices like optional jewelry and straps. When Liv-Glam releases anything, it always seems to have spoiling the customer in mind, and that’s so true when you buy the Gaga Pumps. Drop by Tuesday or Wednesday while they’re on sale and make it an even easier decision. You know you want them!

In the Lanvin Outfit release, you receive several pieces that make an overall cohesive outfit or great mix and match parts for you to play with creatively. There’s a sculpted collar of ruffles that makes the top’s collar three dimensional. Then you have the option of wearing another mesh piece at the waist that creates an entirely different shape, with a wider belt and a puff of ruffled cloth sculpted around the hips.

One more treat on sale for you – The Kira Pumps – with twelve shades programmed into the HUD plus option jewelry. In Second Life or in that thing we call the real world, I have rarely ever met a woman who said, ‘I have enough shoes now.’ It just doesn’t happen. As far as I know, we can never have enough shoes! The Kira pumps fit very well with your many Liv-Glam outfit favorites. With all this, the new releases, the great sales prices, it really is, “All Good at Liv-Glam!”


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