A Pair of New Releases for Secret Wednesday

27 Nov

I went to school to become a Russian Historian. I had plans to travel to St. Petersburg and read the Russian letters written by Peter the Great to the many houses royal during his time as Czar, or king of Russia. I studied both Russian history and the language itself, and found it beautiful. This week’s two new releases from Liv-Glam both have names with a distinctive Eastern Europe sound to them. I had to look up their meanings.

МишKA or Mischka comes to you from the imaginatively creative designers at Liv-Glam who envision a wintery wonderland where you’d wear layers for optimal warmth. The texturing on the outerwear makes it look like a touch of fur has draped around your neck and then belts at the waist. with a slimming black dress under it.

Mischka in Russian means bear, but as I studied the entymology of the word, I realized its origins go about as far back in time as the spoken language itself, Sanskrit, and then the word means Gifts of Love. Either suit this dress and layered warm outerwear.

Газинская or Gazinskaya showcases the way Liv-Glam makes use of the riotously popular animal prints this winter season by bringing you a trouser and top that both sport them.

The origin of this word doesn’t seem quite as dramatic as the first dress’ name. Gazinskaya generally represents a Russian’s surname, or their last name. When you get your Mischka and Gazinskaya outfits, maybe you’ll take a few moments to think of the uniqueness of the words themselves, and how suitable they fit Liv-Glam designs as everything about Liv-Glam shows uniqueness and beauty.

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