New Boots Including Special Limited Releases

01 Dec

I learned something new this evening and to me, that’s always great. The designers at Liv-Glam and it’s owner are so knowledgeable about the fashion industry and I learn from them regularly, sometimes about fashion in world, sometimes about it off line, and sometimes how the two intersect.

Fall 2012 PantonesThe Fall 2012 Pantone grid…

Winter 2012 PantonesAnd the Winter 2012 Pantone grid…

They’re a different array of colors. Items you’ve gotten from Liv-Glam since it opened have been consistently marked with seasonal specification and as the HUDs became an essential part of the Liv-Glam package, the options to change your items to a variety of colors via the pantone grid were given. And… when the season changed from Fall to Winter, everything you buy with a pantone grid changed too. This is why “I” couldn’t find black in a pair of new releases when I was styling an outfit today. Doh! Now I know. 99.9% of you probably already knew this little tidbit, but for anyone out there who was like me going huh? now we know. ~smiles warmly~

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-[Stella]-Palladium Boot LimitedThe reason I took the time to explain this has to do with our current Limited releases. After many requests to do so, Liv-Glam has chosen to release the Fall 2012 pantone colors for the [Stella] Palladium Stud boots…

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-[Stella]-Zoffany Boot LimitedAnd the [Stella] Zoffany Boot as well. Each of these boots have 50 copies so you will want to hurry over to Liv-Glam to grab these before they’re gone.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-[Stella]-Zoffany BootAnd for the Winter Pantone color grid, the [Stella] Zoffany boots are a new release also available now at Liv-Glam.

You can choose to get the Palladium and the Zoffany boots in Fall 2012 Pantones if you’re fortunate to be one of the 50 who get them. You can choose to get the Palladium and Zoffany boots in the Winter Pantone colors as well. Grab them while they’re hot, and have the colors you want to mix and match with Liv-Glam clothing designs.





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