Some Lovely Little Not So Secret Wednesday Deals

04 Dec


It’s that special time of year, a time where regardless of faith or creed, you look back at the memories of the old year with fondness and a sense of passing, and look forward to a new year with excitement. At Liv-Glam, we’re looking forward to 2013, and because of you, we know 2013 will be even better than 2012. Weekly specials come round regularly, and the cycle helps mark the passage of one year to the next, so enjoy this week’s Secret Wednesday specials as all of us look forward to the future together.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-VERONIQUE-Cocktail Dress SW2The Veronique Coctail Dress slims your body to a sexy hourglass shape. Flairs of ruffled fabric further enhance your feminine shape in this beautiful mini.[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-LUMINOUS-Gown SWSequined texture makes the mesh almost flicker as you move an with added flexi layers around the skirt, there’s movement and a beautiful whisper with every step you take wearing this new Luminous Gown from Liv-Glam.

Holiday Warmth and Smiles from Our House to Yours





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2 responses to “Some Lovely Little Not So Secret Wednesday Deals

  1. allyeatspizza

    December 12, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    I went to your store and couldn’t find this gown and I NEED it in my life! I hope it’s on marketplace at least. Simply wonderful!


    ~ Mimi Pinkdot / Valentina Huxxely

    • carynashdene

      December 23, 2012 at 7:48 pm

      Hi Ally! For you and anyone else who finds something on our blog that you want to find in store, please do not hesitate to contact Carrie Rainforest. She’s Sam’s personal assistant and will point you in the right direction. All of the staff at Liv-Glam help where we can, and we want our customers to know they can come to us with questions any time.