Fi*Fridays, Steals and Deals and a New Group Gift

07 Dec

You will find an abundance of beauty at Liv-Glam any time you visit; this weekend including the outfits and shoes on sale for Fi*Friday and the Steals and Deals event and for group members, there is a new group gift as well.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-KAELEN Outfit SP2 FiFriA new look released today shares something I think Liv-Glam does better than almost anyone in Second Life, and that’s in the jeans that go with the Kaelen Outfit. If you haven’t owned a pair of Liv-Glam jeans, this is a perfect time to get an outfit that has them, plus the bright colored top paired with this outfit makes it bright and cheerful.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-LUMINOUS-Gown Green FiFA new color, this time a richly colored green, makes the Luminous gown shimmer as part of your holiday celebrations. Finding the right dress is the first step to creating a wondrous holiday party.

[LIV-Glam] Winter 2012-[Stella]-ODEUR-Over Knee Boot SP2Looking for a great pair of over the knee boots? Liv-Glam has two releases for you of the Odeur boot…

[LIV-Glam] Winter 2012-[Stella]-ODEUR-Over Knee Boot SP1 FiFand… this pair are both on sale for Fi*Friday. They do a great job of warding off the chill when you still want to wear you mini-skirt and oh wow are they sexy at this length.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-KAELEN Outfit SP1 SDThis version of the Kaelen outfit has been released for the Steals and Deals event. Great jeans with animal print denim and a cutout top combine for casual and fun activities all through your busy day.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-[Stella]-Zoffany Boot SDI love these boots. I have to remind myself to change them or I think I’d have them on 24 hours. And you can find them on sale for Steals and Deals. Hot to trot boots…

LIV-Glam-Summer 2012- { Marchesa Maxi Gown} SDYou may remember the Marchesa Maxi gown from earlier in the year. I do. I began working with Samantha and her team about the time this dress was released and I remember thinking to myself, “This designer is incredible.” I’ve loved her ability to texture and work the different textiles into each season ever since, and she’s still incredible, but even better than she was, and getting more creative by the day.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-TRUDI-Winter Jumpsuit Group GiftThe Trudi Winter Jumpsuit really looks and feels elegant and yet it’s a design that’s not always paired with the idea of either of those words. That’s the magic of Liv-Glam, that ability to take something like a jump suit or a romper or a pair of jeans and convert them to glamorous additions to your wardrobe. If you’re a member of Liv-Glam’s group, you may find this jumpsuit free. The Liv-Glam group is a one time fee of 300L to join, and as long as you stay in the group, you receive special edition releases every month for free. It’s a super deal and I hope you all consider joining. Treat yourself this holiday.









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