Liv-Glam at the Xmas Expo with the Next Generation HUD Idea

09 Dec

I’m amazed at the things that Second Life can do if you have a little bit of knowledge and a lot of creativity. Recently, the designers at Liv-Glam decided to use the HUD in a new and sophisticated way to deliver a wonderfully wide array of items in a single collection to you our terrific customers.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-THE COLLECTION-FredaYou wear this like any HUD and then touch the photo of the item you like. You receive the skirt or top, and it appears in your inventory. After you’ve worn it, toss it in your trash and when you want to wear it again or another combination from the options on the HUD, wear the HUD again, click it again, and voila, you have your items once more. This helps with inventory management and styling an outfit just right before you start clicking and wearing and undressing and clicking again. You see it all lined up before you get started. I don’t know if I’m the only one who does it, but waiting for all the “I wonder if this goes with” ideas to rez can take a long time. I believe this new HUD will erase that extra time needed to sort and figure and style. So Yay!

You can find this compilation of outfit items called the Freda Collection at the Xmas Expo, for 599L. This offers you the opportunity to get a tremendous discount on the release because when the Expo ends and this goes on sale at the flagship store, it will retail at 899L. We hope you have time to drop by the Expo and get your Freda collection with 18 different pieces included.


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