So Many Sweets and No Calories at Sweet and Sexy Secret Wednesday

19 Dec

I’m not a fashion fanatic, but I am learning and loving the education that the fashion world in Second Life offers. Plus I work with great designers who actually make time to stop and talk to me about their designs, so I understand new tidbits each week. I was raised in a home where both parents mantra seemed to be, “If you’re not learning something new regularly, you’re dying.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-Monique Oufit-Azul [WearMe]The little pieces of information I absorb probably seem miniscule to many, but to me, it’s like mining for buried treasure and even if the dot of diamond or gold is barely visible to the naked eye, it’s worth every moment taken to dig. I’m learning to see how pattern and texture and layer and color all make a difference. I see something like Monique, one new release this week from Liv-Glam and on sale for Secret Wednesday, and I see a lot of information in the outfit, and how it was put together. This outfit screams modern chic and beauty for winter casual.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-VILA SOFILLA- Dress SP2 [WearMe]

This dress shows a perfect example of how diverse the designs really are at Liv-Glam. You’ll find the balloon skirt and unique line around the neck and bust textured with such class that you could create a brilliant semi-formal outfit with Villa Sofilla as the primary focus, or you could keep it tame with a pair of metallic sandals. Take Liv-Glam anywhere you go, with dresses, pants suits, casual and super formal, and all the ideas in the world in between. Take their jewelry and shoes line, and all that is to come in 2013, and make it yours.

~Brief Editorial thoughts, and thanks:

A terrific blogger, Caoimhe Lionheart, posted a message on her blog today that nudged me in the direction of thought related to learning fashion and style, First she quoted Edna Chase “Fashion. Can. Be. Bought. Style. One. Must. Possess.” She talks about her own growth, the learning curve needed to make it in this in world fashion industry and the time she’s devoted to learn. I think Samantha has that natural inclination Caoimhe speaks about and she effortlessly creates glamorous clothing for Liv-Glam as a result. And as I read more of Caoimhe’s experiences, the more grateful I was for this chance I have to work with Liv-Glam and other tremendous designers who make styling look simple. Hopefully, one of these days it will sink in and I’ll ‘get it’, but until I do, I work passionately to get close. Every time I write on a blog, I hope the things I share promote the brands I’m blessed to work with but I also hope that in some small way I touch the inner core of the readers, much like Caoimhe touched mine today.




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2 responses to “So Many Sweets and No Calories at Sweet and Sexy Secret Wednesday

  1. caoimhelionheart

    December 19, 2012 at 2:53 am

    These outfits are amazing! Excellent style, model and photography. 🙂 As to your blog itself, have fun! I think the one thing to remember as you explore your unique style is that styling design is an art, not a science. Free your mind to all possibilities, put items in unintended spots, just to see how it looks (there may be a “what was I thinking?” Moment but never a wrong answer moment) i call it throwing crap at yourself to see if it sticks. In the aha moment when something “sticks” just right? That makes it all worth the journey. Xo i hope you have sooooo much fun!

    • carynashdene

      December 23, 2012 at 7:46 pm

      Thank you! You’re such a positive force of energy. I appreciate you.