Kicking Off a New Week With Monday-Tuesday Sales at Liv-Glam

06 Jan

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012- Macy Stilletto Ankle Boot[WearMe]I’ve found so many uses for the Macy Stilettos. They’re an awesome blend of dressy/casual, depending on how you style the rest of your outfit. At 99L, these are a must!

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-JE T AIME Oufit SP1 [WearMe]I think about skiing in years past, with little people who were afraid of the chair lift and a much bigger people (me) who was also afraid of a chair lift. I always waited at the bottom of the mountain, and looked all snuggly in my winter wear. You could wear Jet Aime I, and ski, or if you’re like me, just stand there looking pretty in the snow.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-JE T AIME Oufit SP2 [WearMe]Ponchos remind me of my mother and grandmother. I remember very little of the 70s because it was the first decade of my life. I do remember this large warm poncho my mother had, quilted with small pieces of old blankets. I’d tuck up under it and was both safe and warm. My grandmother sewed constantly. Every year, we’d make the 12 hour trip to see her, and stay a week. While there, we’d try on any number of little outfits. One year she made me a poncho much like my mothers. I loved it. To this day, I don’t relish the idea of trying on clothing that still has the pins in it from when it was stitched, but I know gramma didn’t do that intentionally! Jet Aime II has all the warm memories, glamorous beauty and not a single missed pin ready to stick me.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Elaine Oufit[WearMe]Elaine comes out for this Liv-Glam home sale – Monday Tuesday – and only 99L. With the top and bottom both well done, textured wonderfully, and six total changes on the HUD, you have a great deal more than just one outfit here. Make the most of all that you love about Liv-Glam, mixing and matching and finding special deals like this one.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Tressa Outfit [WearMe]Many of you may not realize, but way back in the age of dinosaurs, I was in the US Navy. I was one of few enlisted recruits with college experience, which put me at the head of the crowd. I went to a training school that literally had 4 females and about 300 males. Our class was 40, 39 recruits and a squad leader – me. Not only that, it was a military training school primarily for the Navy but the Marines sent recruits to this same school, and they had a particular opinion about the Navy… AND they had a particular opinion of females in the military… ANDDD I was their squad leader. I saw this outfit and all those memories came flooding back. Now, the military look has made a splash on the fashion world, with great success. You can wear Tressa and bemusedly think of one lone female in a whole herd of guys… trying to be sure they listened… when they were very sure they did not want to listen.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Shannel Oufit [WearMe]The Shannel outfit makes use of multiple layers, adding enough warmth that though you might not normally wear a short skirt in winter, you would consider it if you had several layers to wear with it. It’s cold outside, as I’m typing, and cold here is 55 degrees. I have a feeling that people from other far more northern climates would say that 55 was warm and time to break out the mini skirts and shorts. It’s all perspective.

Try these great looks, 99L each, some you’ve seen before and some brand new.

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