Weekend Reasons to Explore Liv-Glam

18 Jan

Liv-Glam bustles constantly with new releases and great specials.

This weekend, we hope you get as excited about the new releases and great deals as we are. First we have several items on sale as part of the Steals and Deals program.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Tia Satin Lace Dress II [WearMe] SD

Tia’s Satin and Lace Dress will tease the eye and garner you some yummy attention. The print is gorgeous and texture remarkable making it appear as if you’ve purchased the most beautiful and perfect possible product available.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Karolina Outfit II  [Wear Me] SD

Karolina II makes me think of the song, “I’m Gone to Carolina in My Mind.” I’ve spent a good portion of my life in both North and South Carolina, and being lost in Carolina isn’t a bad place to be lost, and if you find yourself in Karolina II by Liv-Glam, no matter where you are, you’ll be in a great place in your mind.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- Nickle Sequined Silk Dress I SD

Don’t you adore the way the creators at Liv-Glam create metallics?! It’s perfect every time and mimics the metallic look that’s super fashionable in the world we know off line. Wear Nickle I and be as glamorously fashionable as you can be.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Tia Satin Lace Dress I [WearMe]

After seeing those three deals, you’ll be so happy to know there’s more. Tia I looks similar to the Tia II that’s part of Steals & Deals, but this look has a different sheen texture, and another extremely expensive looking mini dress. And with both Tia I and Tia II on sale you can afford to get both, and more!

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Karolina Outfit I  [Wear Me]

Karolina I looks similar to the sale item Karolina II seen above in the three Steals&Deals items, but again you’ll find the beauty in the details and thus the need to get both!

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-ALFREDA Outfit [WearMe]

This combination of an extra long jacket and sexy tight pants of the new outfit released called Alfreda plays with the senses. The first look inspires a sweet and innocent reaction but then looking at the pants that could be seen as leggin`s tucked under this jacket really boosts the sexy tease of the look.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Adorlee Dress Pink [WearMe]

You may have already seen the pink version of Adorlee. I see how a very stylish texture and cut works well with the pink colors to make this particular version of Adorlee hot but sweet.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- Nickle Sequined Silk Dress II

Beauty abounds with the Nickle II just as it does with Nickle I. The elements make it look like someone painstakingly applied thousands of shimmering pieces of material and sequin around this short dress. You’ll love it.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- Lacene Outfit II [WearMe]

The last look for this week’s second sale Fi*Friday offers that sexy keyhole jumper and a lovely short jacket option to wear over the jumper. You may have seen Lacene before, and in other colors, but with the different releases from Liv-Glam, you’ll have the chance to find the one perfect for a more beautiful you.

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