More Sales News for You from Liv-Glam

27 Jan

I know! I can’t believe it either. Every time I peek online, I see more sales news from Liv-Glam that I get to share with you.

Ferretti IFi*Fridays – The top and skirt mix and match well with Ferretti I, dark colors that whisper mysteriously. The high waist of the skirt and the peek-a-boo bra under the jacket all together make for an exquisite look. And there’s one more…

Ferretti IIFi*Fridays – Ferretti II has some elements from the first one, like the peek-a-boo bra. But while the first one offers an exposed high waist skirt and jacket, this one sports a longer jacket that covers the skirt’s waist. Both are beautiful.

GravesFi*Fridays – Look at the dazzling neon on the Graves dress. It’s got that “I can conquer the world” edginess, and you just might succeed!

Sira IIFi*Fridays – Sira II creates the combination of dark colors on the side with a middle panel painted beautifully. This works to enhance you femininity and will make you feel exactly what Liv-Glam strives for… Glamorous!

jumpsuit vendorFi*Fridays – On a previous blog post you saw the newest line added to the Liv-Glam family, the K-Collection and now you’ll see that two of those new looks are on sale this weekend; even more reason to drop by Liv-Glam and invest in the new collection.

try minidressFi*Fridays – The last item this week from this particular sales event also comes from the K-Collection. Sweet and sexy, this Try dress certainly provokes a second look and another great reason to drop by Liv-Glam.

EndraSteals & Deals have three items offered, and the first is this mini dress called Endra. You’ll see a short hem that reveals a lot of leg, then a much more reserved upper body, including a brilliant scarf that covers the throat and long sleeves that go all the way to the wrists.

Sira ISteals & Deals – Another version of the Sira Dress has a more subtle texture pattern lending it to a more sophisticated style. Both Sira I and Sira II are on sale and delicious deals to be bought and owned.

VidaSteals & Deals – Vida plays with the eye by mixing solid fabric with the most beautiful black lace. Around the throat, down each sleeve, teasing the edge of the sweetheart cut of the solid fabric and running round the lower hem of the dress, lace truly adds class in a ladylike manner.

Between the Fi*Fridays Sales, Steals & Deals and the other sales already posted on the blog, what are you waiting for…? Rush right over and get one of each. You deserve it!


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