So Much News for Monday and Tuesday Sales

05 Feb

The growing number of designers at Liv-Glam means a growing sales list each week! There are 11 items, from our Liv-Glam collection, our Curiosity collection, the Furniture collection, and from the K-Collection. WOW!

BasiaNew Earrings come to you from Curiosity to kick off the Monday/Tuesday Sale.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-LUMINOUS-Gown Green FiFThis gorgeous gown as so many uses year round, so get in on the sale and get the Emerald colored Luminous Gown.

gio spGio Oufit, special edition, comes from the K-Collection, and look how fabulous the new Basia earrings go with the new release.

jennifer outfit specialAnother new release from the K-Collection, Jennifer, brings chic and casual together in beautiful style.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Anikin Bodycon Dress II HudAnikin II is a beautiful dress, and you’ll get the range of colors in the HUD that makes this classic cut dress useful in many settings. I can’t help but comment on the Anikin II with reference to Star Wars. After all, wasn’t that one of those famous Jedi names? May the force be with you!

Liv-Glam Furniture 1Looking for new furniture, a fresh look for the new year, and furniture that’s as fashionably artistic as any clothing… look no further than Air de Paris. It truly does have the air of Paris.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Anikin Bodycon Dress HudAnother version of the Anikin dress will also catch your attention, and has its own unique texture, quite different from it’s other version, enough so that you’re going to need to get both.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Bazarov Outfit I HudThe Bazarov sounds like it would fit well in Europe, a name that sounds fierce and beautiful at the same time. You can see how wonderfully chic yet simple.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Bazarov Outfit II HudWhat a difference in the top this Bazarov II has in comparison to the first version of this outfit. You’ll find trumpet sleeves that drop down past the wrist and a flair of fabric around her waist covering completely.

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-[Stella]-Zoffany BootYou’ve seen these boots before, but if you haven’t gotten a set yet, now’s the time. They’re on sale, and the colors for Winter have been added to your HUD.

There are many reasons daily to explore Liv-Glam. If you haven’t been by today, why don’t you drop in and see!?








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