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Liv-Glam @ The 46th Designer Circle

One of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me in Second Life was finding a designer used my name when creating something special for their store. This first happened to me while working as a completely utterly terribly NEWWW store model at Face Paint. About 7 months later, this happened again when I began working at Liv-Glam. The depth of that generous decision touches in a place where words fail me.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Dita Secretary Dress HUD[WearMe]Liv-Glam is growing and one of the newest designers is Dita Tran. This new mesh dress recognizes her addition to the company that Samantha Jones put together one step at a time. It’s a sophisticated and beautiful dress. I hope it means as much to Dita as it did to me when there was a Caryn pants suit. Dita, I’m glad you’re part of the team and love this new dress named in your name.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- Lysetet Dress  Pantone HUD[WearMe]There are so many wonders that occur in all of our worlds, in our life time. Some things create memories meant to last forever. The very first time my younger son had a ‘sweetheart’ was 5th grade. He was avidly in love, puppy love, innocent look across the room and oggle for hours love, with a beautiful new student in his school named Lysette. Their school had a rule against students in two different grades really having a lot of contact, so they really only saw one another before the first bell and at lunch. On Valentine’s, he begged me to take him shopping to get Lysette something special, then needed me in on the deal, so he’d get a special dispensation from the school to give Lysette his gift. I went to his class and ate lunch with him, and I carried the chocolate rose to her. They talk long distance to this day. I will never forget his precious young love, and this dress, modeled and styled so well, made me think of the 4th grade beauty who grew up to be a model, and my son’s first love.

You can find both of these dresses at the Designer Circle, exclusive to that location.

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Special Releases for Designer Circle

An array of designers share space at the Designer Circle. Use this SLURL to get tthere.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Unique Dress III[WearMe]Only at this location will you find this version of the Unique dress, Unique III. Look at the dynamic way Liv-Glam makes an outfit shine with metallics!


[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Gigi Lace Dress [WearMe]Oh how delicious this Gigi mesh dress looks. You’ll have an fierce edge, fun and flirtatious. I think that’s why men try to tell us we’re so confusing, because fierce, fun and flirtatious defines the same woman, and Roar!


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Liv-Glam’s Latest Addition to the Designer’s Circle

If you haven’t been before, the Designer Circle is a platform for SL Designers to offer their Products for a small price, so costumers can try and see the quality. We want to make the Designer well known, show the high quality Products and promote their brands.  Designers taking part in the .:: Designer Circle ::. offer maximum of two Products (50 – 100 L$) for Sale. The products will be put up on Sunday, stay for 12 Days on Sale and will be send back to the Designers to make Space for the following Collection.

Liv-Glam’s item for this cycle is the Alex Harlequin Top and Pencil Skirt in Noir.

This new color palette may be found exclusively at the Designer Circle. The sexy neckline drops seemingly to your navel but it is a trick of the clever designer to tease the eye as the skirt itself is high waisted. You’ll find the pattern easy to match with almost any accessory and the black skirt sleek and timeless.


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