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Courtney joins the K Collection

Courtney is the latest release in the K collection and is sold as separate pieces.

The [Liv-Glam] K Collection Courtney Cropped Sweater has fabulous little details with the tab and button turtleneck collar and crisscross front.
[Liv-Glam] K Collection Courtney Cropped Sweater

The Courtney Trousers boot cut leg is a refreshing change from the wide leg trousers we have been wearing and makes them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.
[liv-Glam] K collection Courtney Trousers

However you choose to style these pieces, [liv-Glam] K collection Courtney crop sweater and trousers are a great deal at only L$199 each.

Stay fabulous and LIV-Gam!

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Liv-Glam Fashion Show Coming Soon…

You’ll see the latest amazing designs from Liv-Glam and all the designers who now work together to create items for your enjoyment at our February Fashion Show.

invitation picYou’ll see this treat this weekend. Watch this space for more information!!

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All Sorts of Good for 55L Thursday

[LIV-Glam] Fall 2012- Genevieve Slip DressThe Genevieve truly shows how a simple black dress may be beautiful, elegant and simple yet still constructed with textures that you won’t find anywhere else on the grid. Light and shadow work together to create masterful, wearable art.

[LIV-Glam] Fall 2012- Nayomi Autumm Layers-PlumNayomi, Autumn Layers, puts the whee in chic. This pants suit has it all, from head to toe. You really can select a folder, click add and you’re ready to go. How wonderful is that? Some days, I want all of the decisions put into one button, yes or no. This outfit does just that.

[LIV-Glam] Fall 2012-Westwood Suit [Mesh] -[WearMe]-CocoWhen the Westwood suit made its debut, there were several color options. This week, for 55L you can buy the coco version. A very high waist skirt with an asymmetric hemline pairs with a jacket open and divulging a beautiful pathway of skin from chin, down across cleavage, to the waistline of the skirt. It’s dressy yet sensual.

LIv-Glam-Spring 2012- Catwalk Suit-BlackA combination of mesh and non-mesh work together to give you this gorgeous pants style. The jacket has awesome pieces that have been painted with even more awesome textures, then simple trouser and heels finish off the look. All you need is a little clutch and some great hair, and off you go into the beauty of your Second Life day.

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The Best Holiday Gift from Liv-Glam: Storewide Sale!

If you visit Liv-Glam today (12.23.2012) through Thursday (12.27.2012) you’ll see an incredible sale in progress that you want to enjoy, take advantage of, and spoil yourself a little with all sorts of treats.

Christmas Sale Liv GlamRemember Liv-Glam encompasses women’s clothing from the finest evening wear to the most casual but classy comfort clothing, men’s clothing, heels, sneakers, boots and more from [Stella], a bit of furniture, and the most recent addition, jewelry from Liv-Glam sold under the [Curiosity] label. There’s a little something for everyone. Have fun, and everyone at Liv-Glam wishes you a wonderful, glamorous and fun holiday season, wherever you are in our wide world.


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SALE ~Monday & Tuesday~ SALE

What a treat… 99L for all of the items in this week’s Monday & Tuesday sale, an there are 9 of them!

LIV-Glam Spring 2012 - Ti Silk Gown  Dress- NoirSilk Gown Mesh Noir kicks off the list of gowns that are included in this list…

LIV-Glam - Spring 2012-Aphrodite Gown 1Aphrodite Gown showcases another of Liv-Glam’s beautiful evening gowns…

[LIV-Glam] Fall 2012-Countess Satin Gown -[WearMe] RougeThe Countess Satin Gown in Rouge is another unique Liv-Glam gown on sale this week…

[LIV-Glam] Summer 2012-Vintage Silk Gown {Mesh}

The Vintage Silk Gown takes the breath away in this vibrant red…

[LIV-Glam] Summer 2012-Vintage Silk Gown 2 -[WearMe]And this version of the Vintage Silk Gown offers you a warm cape as well, and comes in black…

[LIV-Glam] Fall 2012-Westwood Suit [Mesh] -[WearMe]-OliveWith the Westwood Suit in Olive, you get an asymmetric hemline that allows you to wear the dress a number of ways, depending on how you accessorize…

[LIV-Glam] Everyday Amy Fashion Trench Coat-2As temperatures dip, and the dampness turns to ice or snow, a coat like the Amy Fashion Trenchcoat…

[LIV-Glam] Everyday Isoldel Fashion Coat 2and the Isoldel Fashion Coat both will keep you warm and dry…

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-[STELLA] EXQUISITE BootsAnd one more item also adds extra warmth and exquisite style to any outfit… wear the [Stella] Exquisite Boots with many of your Liv-Glam favorites…

With all of these items on sale, you’ll have extra holiday colored formal wear, a uniquely tailored suit, two coats to keep warm and an exquisite pair of boots. What are you waiting for now? Come grab these deals while you can!









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A Terrific Offer – Free Group Membership for Limited Time

An in world notice from Avenue, a marketing company working with Liv-Glam to bring you the very best in Second Life that’s possible:

Dear Glamorous Customer,

*FREE Invitation to join the *Liv-Glam* Inworld Group *FREE

*Group Gifts are available now *
The group is open for a limited time for FREE.
Normally the group join fee is 250L.

* Group Gifts
* Exclusive Member Gifts
* Special Promotions
* New Releases
* Upcoming Events

Join by clicking on this Link

Remember to remain in the group -This offer is limited for this year and ends soon.

Become a LIV-Glam Group Inworld Member today and LIV-Glamorous

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity if you haven’t already, and invite friends. This offer brings with it much joy for now, and for months and months to come!

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99L Deals for You Begin the Week at Liv-Glam

For the rest of the day today (11.19) and through Wednesday (11.21.2012) you can find the following items for sale at Liv-Glam for only 99L. These are deals you won’t want to overlook.

Kylie Non-Mesh Heels with a HUD that offers 48 pantone color options.

The Glitter Leave Clutch with 24 pantone color choices.

The Catwalk Suit Olive with jacket, pants, belt and heels all inclusive.

The Blue Porchers Outfit that includes a mesh corset, skinny pants (or a bootcut option), top and fur jacket.

The Bradshaw Vintage Outfit in Mustard and…

Aphrodite Gown Noir.

With accessories, suits for day and gowns for night, you’ll be well dressed at Liv-Glam. Bring a friend and enjoy the special deals, join the Liv-Glam group and grab landmarks for our new satellite stores while you’re there.







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