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A New Week and New Releases for Monday/Tuesday Sale

A deluge of new releases hit Liv-Glam with all the glam and beauty that’s true to the highest standards that Liv-Glam has set. There are items from Liv-Glam and Liv-Glam’s K Collection, a new make-up HUD, shoes and a handbag from Stella.

waitinf4youThis first dress, Waiting 4You, comes from the K Collection. You can wear this mini in cool weather as the sleeves are longer. You’ll notice that though this dress is monochromatic it’s print looks stunning.

naomiThe vivid paisley teal jumps off the black background on this Naomi Jumpsuit.

all you needAll You Need? This shirt makes me think of the rest of the sentence. All you need is… ME! This jeans and three-quarter length top is all you need for a casual day, a picnic, a walk through Second Life’s oldest botanical gardens. It’s the last K Collection piece on sale for Monday/Tuesday sales.

[LIV-Glam]-[Gracia]Colour Effect Eye Shadow - HudHave you seen the eye shadow yet? This 24 pantones HUD gives you the perfect color no matter what you’re wearing. Try it. You’ll love it!

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-  Ambrosius Turtleneck Dress I HUDAmbrosius reminds me of a classic southern dessert treat. Mmm. And this dress definitely has that delicious look that stirs other senses with a resounding mmmm so good.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-  Ambrosius Turtleneck Dress II HUDAmbrosius II (the extra I is left out of the photo) has a similar design in shape but the textile painting this version  also stirs the senses. Quoting Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet, “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Oh so sweet.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-  BOTTEGA Tote-NoirI love it when the new bags come out at Liv-Glam because I know the designers do their home work to the nth degree, studying fashion around the world to be certain they bring you the most fashionable trends.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- XiuLan Embellished Platforms SP HudThe Xiulan Shoes offer several different places you can add and change colors. I think they have one of the most interesting looks for shoes in all of Second Life.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Herve Clubbers Dress I HudTwo versions of the Herve dress offers different color and pizazz. Both will make you wan to go party or create your own party at home.

[LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-Herve Clubbers Dress II HudOne of the Herve works with warm colors and the other, seen above, offers the black and white with shades of grey trend that’s becoming very popular.


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A New Name for the Shoe Line at Liv-Glam – Stella – The New Eclipse Open Toe Pump

I think there are a rare few things that I go nuts for in SL and one of those things — SHOES! Liv-Glam has already introduced shoes to the store but as of this week, there’s a separate label for Liv-Glam shoes designed by SamanthaSJones and that’s Stella.

This great pair of heels are extremely high, with a platform as well to add even more height and beautiful length to your legs. You’ll find a preset array of Pantone colors and this pair of shoes could accompany each and every item released from Liv-Glam so far this fall with it’s diverse color palette and simple yet elegant style. This is just the first in a line of many great shoes to come from Stella. And I’m ready for each and every pair!

**I had a little trouble reading the HUD because I’m old and set in my ways… So, in case anyone else is uncertain, when you open your HUD to change the shoe’s color, your skin tone, your nail color etc, it works a lot like all shoe HUDs with an exception. There’s a place to change the Foot AND a place to change the ankle. Since they’re mesh shoes instead of sculpts, the ankle piece helps blend the shoe to your natural body shape, and that piece gets tinted as well. If you tint the ankle to your skin color first, then use the same color for your foot, you’ll find success. I hope that helps!

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